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Post  Popeye_the_fn_pirate on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:10 pm

how to give ppl a 2 day bubble hit them 10 times in less than 24 hours,,, hit and retreat 4 times gives an hour bubble do that twice then hit 2 times after the second bubble has poped and gives a 2 day bubble

if you have the person u r attacking, start popping his bubble after your 4th attack, everytime u attack after that he bubbles again, just have him keep popping til the 10th attack, then he gets the 48 hour one...takes about 8 min, and u don't have to wait 2 hours.

Actually, u r more likely 2 end up with a 36 hr bubble if u do the pop/attack method. Which is still a good bubble. But, if u r going 2 b gone 4 a couple of days, play it safe and wait til the bubble pops itself. I dont know what the factors r yet when u get a 36 instead of a 48 but it has been my experience that u r more likey 2 get a 36hr bubble if u rush it. that is all


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