Nominations for New Leaders.

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Nominations for New Leaders. Empty Nominations for New Leaders.

Post  LoganC on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:59 pm

So in another thread, it has been brought up to nominate more leaders since we're growing.

There have been two so far. I nominated my brother Wulfrick, as he's always on, knows alliance rules well, adheres to them, and enforces them with an iron fist. Also, responds to any sector calls for help.

Also, Gepler nominated Nightmare. Also a great choice. He throws himself tirelessly at any call for help, even if he's outgunned. I second the nomination for Nightmare.



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Nominations for New Leaders. Empty Re: Nominations for New Leaders.

Post  Wulfrick on Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:02 am

Count me as a Tertiary vote for Nightmare. (That means 3rd, lol)
He's always there to help.

As for me... do you really want to give me that kind of authority? lol Wink
Seriously though, coming my nomination came from my little brother... I'd say he's biased.
If I were to get nominated, I wouldn't accept unless the nomination came from a standing leader/officer.
That way it would be because they noticed I do my part... and not just that I'm someone's big bother, lol.

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