292 Customs And Guidelines

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292 Customs And Guidelines

Post  besneyepnu on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:25 pm

Welcome to Sector 292!

If you have signed up on these forums, then you have decided to be part of the Alliance of Sector 292. Now that you are part of the Alliance, here are the customs and guidelines that you need to follow. Very simply, don't attack inside 292, protect 292 from outsiders and play with courtesy in 292. The rest of the post clarifies these basic principles of piracy in Sector 292.

The picture below explains how you can tell where our sector 292 starts and ends.

Pretend that the grid you see is 600 Squares x 600 Squares. Our sector starting from the left begins at 174600 and ends at 175200 as marked above. Those first 6 numbers of the coordinates (coords) will let you know if you are inside Sector 292 or no. 174600 is the boundary line of 292 and 291 with 291 being to the left of the line. 175200 marks the boundary line of 292 and 293 with 293 being to the right of the line. In other words, any number less than 174600 is OK to attack bases while any number higher then 175200 is also OK to attack bases. Attacking any coords between those boundaries (174600 - 175200) means your attacking a Sector 292 member.

PLAYER CUSTOMS (aka. The Black and White)

1. GAME ON! - Have fun playing the game and don't take it overly serious. If you aren't having fun, please let someone know and we can try to find a way to make it more enjoyable. The key to achieving in this game is Communication and Teamwork.

2. LET'S NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER - No Member is permitted to attack another Member inside of Sector 292 (174600,0 - 175200,600) except Blacklisted Members UNLESS a player is calling for a Revenge Attack. Accidental attacks due to mining, attacking cargo/salvage fleets or battle support should be ignored by both Players until such time it becomes a Player Dispute. Players may freely engage in fleet-to-fleet or fleet-to-base 'testing' or friendly combat without any reprisals. You should always defend yourself, and before pursuing a Revenge Attack, consider chatting the person up because mistakes happen (fire and forget, unseen fleet mining, new player, etc.) or even if it is even worth busting up a fleet over it.

3. YOU WATCH MY BACK AND I WATCH YOURS - If a Member is being attacked, it is expected to offer that Member any assistance possible. This includes seeing a Member being attacked by ANY OTHER MEMBER. If in doubt, use any communication tools possible (COMMS, FB Chat, probe fleets, etc.)

4. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? - Slanderous communication directed at any Member (racial, religious, sexually explicit, etc.) is not acceptable in COMMS (game chat), Facebook chat or anywhere in the Sector 292 Forum. Good natured needling and debate is acceptable, however, be aware of how words can have negative effects on others. Refer to Kixeye's Terms of Use Statmement for more about in-game harrassment.

5. GRIPES GO UP - Members will follow these Player Customs and the Player Guidelines to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for them and other Players. Members will use Player Disputes for settling disagreements and be subject to Sanctions as determined by Sector Officers / Sector Directors. In the event a Member disagrees with Sanctions, a Player Dispute should be filed for review.

6. WHOSE MINE IS IT ANYWAY? - Player's are discouraged from mining away from keyboard (afk) on level 6 mines and up. Players are allowed to afk mine level 5 and lower mines, but may not have more than 3 fleets afk mining level 5 and below. If someone is afk mining a level 6 use these steps.

Progression of actions:

a. ASK - Try to chat on COMMS with the player in question. If there is no response, wait a while and ask again. Ask a few times over the course of several minutes (bathroom breaks, pet needs, and baby needs happen... the player may have just stepped away for a second.)

b. NUDGE - If after getting no response, they may be mine camping... but they might be busy in a battle, and not watching chat, or their chat might also be down. GET AN AMBASSADOR OR DIRECTOR'S (aka Moderator) PERMISSION FIRST, then send a single gunboat to the mine, and "nudge them" with an attack. Even if their chat is down, this will alert them that someone is wondering if they are online or not.

c. RESPOND - If you are nudged on a mine, respond in chat. If your chat is down, release the mine then recapture it, or move your fleet a little, then continue mining. This will signal to the person waiting that you are indeed online, and not to attack.

d. GET HELP - If there is no verbal response in chat to any of the above steps, and nudging them with a gunboat gets no visual response either... we can only assume they have gone offline, and are mine camping. At this point, CHECK WITH AN OFFICER/DIRECTOR to see if it is okay to bump them off the mine. Or better yet, have one of them do it for you!

If there are no Ambassadors or Directors on, or you do not get the okay, you still may not attack a 292 miner, not even to nudge, as NO UNAUTHORIZED ATTACKS ARE ALLOWED IN 292! That rule will still hold priority!!!

PLAYER GUIDELINES (aka. Common Courtesies)

COMMS use - Sector Members should use the in-game COMMS tool to maintain communication and attempt communication before taking any actions in-sector. COMMS needs to be used with the priority focused on game needs (requesting/responding to base/fleet attacks, friend or foe identification, etc.) Everyone wants to express themselves, but some messaging needs to be kept to a minimum to include 'Attack my Base if you can!', recruitment of new Players, etc. Extended debate/discussion on COMMS is discouraged.

Sector Forum - This Forum is the OFFICIAL document of the Alliance. Sector Members will review the Forum regularly for current events and sector information, particularly Player Disputes. The sector forum is the appropriate place to put 'Attack my Base' messages and have extended debate/discussion.

Facebook Page - Members can use this for information management when the Sector Forum or COMMS tool is not available to them. Members can be added to the Facebook Page, but be sure you know who they are for certain so as to limit spying attempts. Information on this page is updated as much as possible, but is not a mirror of the Forum page.


Mining - Mines belong to the ENTIRE sector, not just the person using it or the person clearing it. If a mine is going used for an extended period of time, put it up on COMMS what the expected duration is. Be considerate of others who might want to use the mine before putting a fresh fleet on it (aka mine hogging.) If a desired mine is in use, use COMMS to ask when it will be available. If there is no response, ask others if there is a similar mine nearby. Low level Players are discouraged from using high level mines that they cannot recapture and should be reported using Player Disputes. When mining has been completed, mines will be released back to keep from being recaptured by the Draconian fleets. Capturing multiple mines to achieve a mining bonus will only be done out of the sector (and when you refresh, you lose them anyway.) Use of probe fleets will be only to identify a miner or attempt to communicate with them. KNOCKING ANY PLAYER OFF OF A MINE CAN ONLY BE DIRECTED BY AMBASSADOR OR DIRECTOR.

Salvaging - All cargo/salvage fleets are 'First Come/First Served' and belong to the ENTIRE sector UNTIL captured. Salvages once captured (Red Skulled) belong to that Player for 15 MINUTES UNLESS it is guarded/fleet nearby OR that player gives you permission. Before taking a captured fleet, take a moment to put it on COMMS and ask OR come back for it 15 MINUTES *AFTER* YOU *FIRST* SAW IT. If you are unable to carry it all in one haul, post it on COMMS that multiple trips are needed. If a mistake is made and someone's salvage is taken, at least offer to help them get another.

Base / Fleet Probing - Probing someone's base is considered a threatening action UNLESS it is done with their permission. It is better to friend someone to see their bases. Fleet Probing is an acceptable practice to determine Friend or Foe and will be done with a single ship of Marauder class or lower with minimal weaponry and armor.) Fleet probing will be done with the intent to communicate, not destroy.

PLAYER DISPUTES (aka. I Gotta Beef With Someone)

A Player Dispute is a singular action or possibly a chain of actions within a short period. A Dispute Event is a singular action. Multiple events should be combined into a single Player Dispute for Ambassador / Director review. Disputed Events need to be screen or text captured from the game screen or the game Battle Log into the Disupte Message. Player Disputes need to be reported timely and evaluated by an Ambassador / Director with their acknowledgement it has been noted.

The Player Dispute section is located on the main page of the forum.

REVENGE ATTACKS (aka. I'm Gonna Get You For That)

If you have been attacked by someone inside the sector, you are allowed to retaliate in kind for the attack you suffered (fleet-to-fleet, fleet-to-base, fleet at mine, etc.). There is no requirement to 'prove' your retaliation, BUT, carefully consider the consequence of taking revenge and the best way to get the point across that 292 works TOGETHER. That said, posting up the Dispute/Revenge is still the only way to get a player placed to the Blacklist (see the section on Blacklisting). It is requested that you announce your Revenge Attack to COMMS before taking it as a final attempt before entering hostilities. If you are unable to perform the Revenge Attack on a base or fleet(s) yourself, you can ask another person to do it for you and that attempt will count as revenge taken regardless of success or failure. Players who act on another player's behalf DO NOT get to take revenge against the player they attack (the price you pay for helping the attacked player get revenge is the person you attacked gets to hit back in kind, so choose wisely.)

PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE (aka. Someone Is Gonna Get A Spanking)

Yes, we still need this even with the fleet-for-fleet and base-for-base rule adjustments because that is what makes it possible for EVERYONE to get involved.

The application of Progressive Discipline is based on a 3-Strikes/3-Outs concept to maximize attempts at correcting player disputes. It is possible to escalate from Strikes directly to Outs for particularly greivous in-sector actions.

Observed actions must be documented in a timely fashion into the Player Disputes section of the Forum in order to be counted as a Strike or Out.

Strike Offenses - Fleet Attack documented to Player Disputes (Communication Attempts and Interventions are requested)

Out Offenses - Base Attack documented in Player Disputes or three Strikes documented into Player Disputes (Communications Attempts and Interventions required and Ambassador / Director will approve Reprisals or Sanctions) - This is usually enforced as a Sink-On-Sight/Kill-On-Sight/Put-In-Bubble sanction for day or days

Blacklist Offenses - Three Outs documented or Established pattern of inappropriate behavior documented (Communications Attempts and Interventions required and Ambassador / Director will list the player to the Blacklist and is considered 'Open Season' until removed) - This is usually enforced as a Sink-On-Sight/Kill-On-Sight/Put-In-Bubble sanction until removed from Blacklist

Example: A base has three fleets guarding. A Player attacks a fleet mining, the two fleets guarding the base, and then the base itself resulting in four different events that equal TWO (2) OUT OFFENSES. Ambassador / Director will evaluate and approve appropriate/balanced reprisals/sanctions.

Sanctions and Reprisals include but are not limited to, Fleet Interventions at the Player's Base, Fleet Attacks and Base Attacks. An Officer who is online can real-time evaluate but the affected Member or Officer/Director must document the Player Dispute.

Strikes and Outs can be reset/removed by an Ambassador / Director when a Player's behavior has noticeably changed.


Hopefully this information is clear and helpful. If you have any further questions please PM any Ambassador / Director (Red or Green) on the forums or look for one in-game. Many other players may be able to help so dont hold your questions back from the community. Let someone know if there is something that can be done to make your game more enjoyable.

- The Allied Members of Sector 292

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