Subs Special Tactics

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Subs Special Tactics

Post  Corsario on Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:37 pm

Very Happy Hi,Guys I have a Question about Subs.Lately I been defronting High Level players with a pack of Predatores in Brown Colour (Drac Armor) but who is most intriguing is that Subs vanished when in combat and appear in other side of the screen battle and when I say vanished I mean it. Shocked I like to know if possible what kind of upgrade make hims doind that.Plus the fact that their H.T. they have a high range far away from My Fleets.And when I see themes PUF they vanished.Cool is it!Completly Undetectable.For instance I think maybe the Scrambler but Predatores they get invisibility for a short time and lost that invisibility normaly in line of fire and they Doom.This Predatores I am talking here they Vanished Rolling Eyes Thank you for your time if you go to answer My question.Take care pirat


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