Out with the old / In with the new (293)

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Out with the old / In with the new (293) Empty Out with the old / In with the new (293)

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:38 am


The alliance we knew in 293 has been destroyed. CONGRATULATIONS! Many players have left the area, some jumping to be with us. But the job isn't over yet, because some new players have jumped into 293 (thank goodness) and have forcibly taken over, imposing their 'take it or leave it' policy. A new 293 alliance has been established, leaving those who we had beaten down to choose where they stand.

I'm sure many of our old enemies (TBOT, anyone?) will keep up with their game while we will continue to engage with newer forces and leaders (CaptainRevenge.)

While I have good intel on the happenings in 293, I'm really more pleased by the consistent quality of play that each of you give the game. It is OK to be a serious game player and not take the game serious/personal. Keep the chatter up, cover each other when raiding and help develop our newer players as we were developed Smile.

As ever, if something can be done to make your game better, please let someone know.

- D P R

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