I don't like it when players feel butt-hurt

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I don't like it when players feel butt-hurt Empty I don't like it when players feel butt-hurt

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:27 am


Just an update that will hopefully clarify / explain the rationale behind the recent changes made to the roles and structure of the sector. Let me just start by saying, all of this is voluntary, even the role I took over from Bes a few days ago. The attempt here is not to control players, but control the playing experience since we all seem to want to be on the same page (not hit in sector, collaborate to protect the sector, share in resources, etc.) To that end all of us are Ambassadors of the Alliance promoting what we think makes a good sector that sticks together.

The purposes of the Volunteer Officer and Director roles are to be specific players that anyone can go to for question, answer, support, etc. The only power they have over your game is the power you give them. They also exist to help document and follow through on issues brought out during game play. Lastly, the Directors have the additional mantle of thinking about what changes might be needed to keep game fun game play up and butt hurt down be it rule changes, org. changes, etc. Bottom line is these positions exist to serve the players, not the other way around.

Regarding how people come to be in these postions, I felt that the elective process was too cumbersome and was getting poor response (example: Brody needed 50 yeas to get 'elected'), so it was my decision to make these positions wholly voluntary since two things were happening. First, extra volunteer coverage was needed across the day because the game is 24/7. Second, everyone needs a break/change now and then, so to deal with the occasional relocation players (O's, D's and others) are making, additional volunteer coverage was needed. Beyond that, our sector is growing in upper-mid level players (25-29) so having that pool of players available to help out is important. The thing that counts most though is keeping up with the communication so we all stay connected. COMMS, Sector Forum Page, FB Page, PMs, etc. are the tools we have to stay informed. Please use them and the volunteer sector staff (and we could call them anything really, Officers is how it started and Directors is my addition) to help your game be the best it can be.

Lastly, I know how much it sucked to document to get payback for in-sector stuff and it wasn't really being reported/administered, so hopefully all players will benefit from only reporting the frequent offenders so we can all have at them.

As ever, let someone know if you aren't enjoying the game and perhaps something can be done to make it better.

- DPR / Chris

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