The latest wave of problem players has arrived . . .

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The latest wave of problem players has arrived . . .

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:48 am

Hello, Gang,

Some of you already know that we've had some 291 folks come over that used some spy accounts to do so. While that was going on some other folks from another sector who knew these players as well have come in too. It's pretty clear they are here to disrupt our 'normal' game of effing up 291/293. We've dealt with this kind in the past a few different times. As we figure out the 'bad' players, they'll get on to the Blacklist. Not wasting much time in putting them on. Some of these players seem to coins at their disposal, mature fleets (some with Dreadnoughts) and tight bases BUT THERE IS NO INDICATION OF USING CHEATS AT THIS TIME.

Don't let this be a discouragement. It has every promise to actually make us tougher and tighter. We can continue to target 291/293, but try to put something back to help out in-sector. We have numbers on our side and every single one of you makes 292 stronger - no battle is futile. Bases fix. Ships repair. Res can be replaced.

Strategies that have been used in the past are emergency bubbles, longer term bubbles, cheap/quick guard fleets to buy time for others to respond, base adjustments to protect your dock as well as res, banking res into builds you can cancel and more.

Keep sticking together and these 'players' will leave shortly. The game is not a sprint, it is a marathon, so hang in there and let someone know how we can help.


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