The old 291/292/293 banter/brag site

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The old 291/292/293 banter/brag site Empty The old 291/292/293 banter/brag site

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:53 am


Some months ago one of our players (Tom Wade / ExoticKillz - banned some months back) had a part in setting up a FB Group Page for 291/292/293. The trouble with this site is that it has lead to the creation of spy bases in 292 and has facilitated jumps of our 'enemies' into the sector. I'm not going to tell anyone not to use the site, but I am going to caution that if you do use it, use it with care (sharing info, friendings with unknowns, etc. - people will check you out as much as your Facebook settings allow.) Personally, I don't use the site and I didn't appreciate it when Tom put me into it without my asking when he set it up.

The site is currently set up as a closed group only . . .

I've had a couple of people bring this up recently so I'm writing just to make sure everyone is aware of its existence and the potential it has to add unnecessary problems to our game. Other players may express concern over participation on that page, so it is up to each player how they choose to deal with being part of that community. Please don't be hasty in calling someone a spy or a traitor - that person may just see how they play the game differently than others.

What gets us through difficult spots is communication and focus. All of us are stronger than some of us or one of us. Chat it up (gently, kk) and lets work it out, gang. - D P R


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