Strategies for dealing with the anti-292 alliance

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Strategies for dealing with the anti-292 alliance Empty Strategies for dealing with the anti-292 alliance

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:02 am


This has been coming for some time now. There's lots of butt-hurt for different reasons that I won't get into here and I'm sure they are well known anyway. The bottom line is this . . . If you believe the sector as we knew it can be restored to order, then we want you in the fight. What you are fighting for is the freedom for any player that is in 292 to feel safe from others in-sector. That is really the heart of what 292 is about and to remind:

1. Have Fun - play seriously but don't take *too* seriously

2. Protect 292 - all attacks inside 292 are worth sending a fleet in that direction

3. Help others in 292 - open resources (fleets/mines) for others as others are opening them for you


1. Don't get caught up in COMMS chat with the enemy - try to ignore them without using the Ignore feature (because the intel is good to have) - If you do use Ignore, also use /list to unignore when appropriate (sometimes the quiet is nice from the players that chatter like monkeys) - Also if you choose to talk trash in COMMS, do it with respect and not cheap shots (read as keep real world out of the game world - have some class)

2. Stick together as much as possible - try not to go head-to-head alone, work together on base hits as cover, gather resources as a group

3. Preemptive strikes - If someone backs out of a base to re-align or looks like they are going to attack a base, hit that base first or again before the enemy does

4. Bubble Up - Until Kixeye takes it away, use 5 hit (1 hour) and 10 (2 day) hit bubbles to your advantage (the easiest way to do a 2 day is 4hit/4hit/2hit, 3hit/3hit/4 hit or with three players) - If you get a bubble from the enemy, use it for as long as possible to gather res, get research done, rearrange base, etc.

5. Guard Fleets - Eliminate guard fleets at enemy bases but be careful what you choose to guard with as well - send each other mercs

6. Hit every enemy base you can - Remember you can (and should) attack bases 5 levels under you

7. Pick your fights wisely - Going head-to-head against a 'Big' like Prime or Ironman should be on your terms, not theirs - hit them and make them chase you down, use cheap fleets, 'run' from them in battle and map to waste their time, etc. - There's a balance between throwing your fleets away foolishly and only picking fights you can win (take a chance on losing, but *LEARNING* something in the process)

This list is not all-inclusive and everyone of you will have ideas that will make this a strong stand. This is more than winning or losing, in my opinion . . . it is how you play the game.

'Sea' you out there! - D P R

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