Winds of change

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Winds of change

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:39 pm


For the time being, I'm assuming the position that our previous leader, Bes, held. I'm doing this so I can make some aggressive, immediate and hopefully appropriate changes to keep this sector growing in player quality and fun.

Change #1: All leadership positions are now voluntary. If you want to participate in handling sector disputes and issues, just put your name forward to me or another Sector Director (see next section.) The only requirements I am asking is that you be a level 25 and able to manage your own game. That said, if you are lacking in key research, upgrades (OP5 for example), etc., you may want to reconsider until you have those things accomplished. I will be reviewing the recent requests to become an Officer / Moderator and will be in contact shortly. Please be patient, I am on my honeymoon afterall.

Change #2: There will be two tiers of leadership going forward. The first tier is for the 25+ players and will be the Sector Officers / Moderators. The players in these positions will have the day-to-day authority to handle sector matters that come up during game play and mentor the newer players. The second tier will be the 30+ players and will be the Sector Directors / Moderators with select players having Administrator privileges. Sector Directors will have the same authority as Sector Officers, but they will help adjust the gaming experience with rule adjustments and mentoring of the Sector Officers and other players. Even though Bes is level 28, he will be grandfathered in as a Sector Director and retain his Administrator privileges (after all, he set this up Razz.) Again, both positions are voluntary and intended to be populated by players that want to stay and play in 292 vs. relocating sectors. Please think carefully before raising your hand.

Change #3: There will be no more requirement to post up for eye-for-eye fleet/base hits. I still recommend doing this so we can track the chronic offenders to place them on a blacklist when the time comes. Just take care of business so that all players (offending and offended) find equity. Definitely keep in mind that not everyone has figured out the game like we have (borders, mining, cargoing, comms, etc.). Exercising patience and being forgiving go a long way to keep us from sliding into chaos.

All of the other rules and guidelines are still in force and I will be editing the guidelines in the next few days for clarity and simplification.

Again, the intent here is to free up players and leaders so more time is spent gaming and less administratively. Hopefully each of you will find this agreeable and please feel free to comment to me publicly or privately. I am always interested in hearing how we can make our sector gameplay better for all.

Thanks for the support, gang. 292 is my home and always will be.

- DPR / Chris

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