Cheaters will get their due

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Cheaters will get their due Empty Cheaters will get their due

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:00 am


I know the frustrations keep rising about the cheater problem (the ones with impossible bases and fleets). All we can do is keep playing 'our' game, which is:

1. Have Fun! - find the silver lining in the cloud -( me, I go and smash bases, hoping to get smashed back by a cheater so I can send in a report)

2. Protect the sector - while smashing fleets against cheaters isn't fun, it does keep them occupied and helps build the case for a cheater (I threw some SW at Silver-PA along with others just for that purpose) - also there are legitimate players that use the confusion from the cheaters to their advantage

3. Help each other - open cargo, clear mines, provide overwatch, all these things and more still need to be done to keep 292 from becoming a free-for-all and a cheater farm - we built this together and as long as we stay together, it will not fail (and I will try to do more to help in the hood, too)

Keep taking the fight to anyone who attacks in 292. Eventually it will just be the legit/straight players and the cheaters will fade away or be forced to fight fair if what I hear about the cheat detection is accurate.

As ever, let someone know if they can do something to help your game.

- D P R

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