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Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:28 pm


It has been great fun the last few months, but lately the fun has faded because I've let myself get wrapped up in something that if it continues will not help the sector. I'm sorry if your game has become less fun because of it. Having fun is the #1 custom/rule in 292. I'm going to leave my role on the forum and depart for another sector. It is time to move on and let you the players voice if you want to play as you have or differently, if you want an out-of-game community forum like this or something different and most importantly, how any player organization is overseen.

I wasn't the creator of this forum, but I've been the caretaker it for the last nine months I have had many great contributors (regular players, volunteer officer/ambassador/moderator, guests and more) assist me in keeping you informed of things. For now I've put the forum on 'holiday' until the decision is made to make it active again ( I expect it will in some format). The Facebook page is not affected by this.

I have many fond memories playing Battle Pirates in 292 with all of you and wish each of you the greatest success in the game and your personal lives.

- D P R / Christopher

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