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Salvage Customs Updated Empty Salvage Customs Updated

Post  DreadPirateRoberts on Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:26 pm

Gang - This weekend we are enjoying increased salvaging/cargo spawning and 1/2 time repairs. Last week or so I posted a poll about changing the Customs around salvage cargo. Based on the results and game play mechanics, I have adjusted the length of time on how long before it goes 'up for grabs' - 15 minutes. The expectation of communicating before taking (chat it up before scarfing it up) is unchanged. Firstly, we need to honor that someone else has put in the effort to open it. Secondly, we need to clean up the salvage so more will re-spawn. Lastly, there is always more salvage to be found - you may have to wait for it or cruise around, but it is there. Don't let it become an issue that drags the sector down.

Thanks and below is the extract from the 'Customs' - DPR

Salvaging - All cargo/salvage fleets are 'First Come/First Served' and belong to the ENTIRE sector UNTIL captured. Salvages once captured (Red Skulled) belong to that Player for 15 MINUTES UNLESS it is guarded/fleet nearby OR that player gives you permission. Before taking a captured fleet, take a moment to put it on COMMS and ask OR come back for it 15 MINUTES *AFTER* YOU *FIRST* SAW IT. If you are unable to carry it all in one haul, post it on COMMS that multiple trips are needed. If a mistake is made and someone's salvage is taken, at least offer to help them get another.


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